Charlevoix 2014 - 6


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  • admin on 2014-Mar-03 11:34:08 admin said

    Ready! Set! GO!!
  • Mai on 2014-Mar-19 10:44:15 Mai said

    Looks like it has been almost a year since this post. Did you guys end up chncikeg out Lotus Grill? I have to agree with Batarang This is a family-owned place and they love it when you ask for the real Chinese menu. These are their own family recipes. My husband and I go there all the time for the sichuan fish and the beef soup. If you are a regular, they will call you by name the name of what you like to order most!
  • Agueztvierra on 2015-Dec-18 08:50:27 Agueztvierra said

    Lashish the Greek on Bethel is fantastic. I'd skip the gyro and more tratndioial Greek menu items, although those are excellent as well, and try the seafood (the best calamari I've ever had, and I love the snapper as well) and the soups. Many of the desserts are housemade as well. My husband used to work in the neighborhood and I constantly bugged him to bring me stuff home. The best part is that the owner and his staff will make you feel like a rock star, especially if you stop in often. It's like a neighborhood diner feel with a more interesting menu.

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